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buy Jet fuel Shatter online , it is also call G6, from 303 Seeds is the ultimate cross of some of the most renown Diesel strains.
By combining Aspen OG with High Country Diesel, we are provide with a sativa-driven hybrid that stays true to the influence of SFV OG Kush and East Coast Sour Diesel in its lineage.

The name Jet Fuel isn’t purely devote to the sweet, pungent aroma of diesel fumes that this strain exudes, but also the high-energy jolt of uplifting sativa effects that eventually level off to provide a dream-like state of relaxation.
Jet Fuel grows medium-size buds that have almost conical, more sativa-like shape. The flowers are green and earthy brownish in color, with a nice coat of orange and very rare red and maroon pistils. Moreover, these buds are heavily cover with crystal white trichomes, which makes them very sticky.

buy Jet fuel Shatter online ,The hybrid’s name doesn’t only come from its vibrant set of effects. In fact, Jet Fuel also has a palette of energetic aromas, starting with a sweet hint of gasoline with some floral notes. Additionally, this sativa-dominant strain includes a fuel-like chemical punchy smell, inherited from its parent strain, High Country Diesel. When ground, Jet Fuel gives off a whiff of OG Kush lineage, as you can smell some piney aromas. The smoke of this bud is smooth, with some skunky diesel hints on the exhale.

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